Tipps und Tricks zu Windows 8

Besides the EEG device the computer is one of the most crucial components of a Neurofeedback system. Due to continuous expansion of the software by advanced feedback tools there will the moment when the computer needs to be replaced.

Although our Neurofeedback software is made such that it will run on almost any Windows computer to be selected according to personal taste (notebook or desktop, color, size, etc), the operating system cannot be chosen in most cases. Since 2013, all new computers are equipped with Windows 8. Cygnet is qualified for Windows 8, of course.

Windows 8 looks different from the desktop environment that we know since Windows 95- it starts with the so-called "Metro-Design". The familiar desktop can be started from this environment, though. Only, you will notice that the "Start" button is missing.

Fortunately, there is a workaround: The free program "Classic Shell" will not only restore the start button but also forces Windows 8 to start with the standard desktop.

There is a tutorial on Youtube.



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New Cygnet® version released

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