Joystick and Gamepad in NFB games

by Philippe Gauffriau

1. Driver

In order to use a control device (joystick or gamepad) with a feedback game it must be recognized by the system (Windows) and the driver must be installed.

In most systems this happens automatically when the control device is connected to the USB port of the computer. The system then automatically searches for the correct driver in the internet. After the control device driver has been installed you will see a corresponding message in the lower right corner of your computer screen. 

Connect the control device with your computer before starting up Cygnet.

2. Activate the control device in the feedback games

The following feedback games can be played with a control device: 

  • InnerTube
  • DualDriveXtreme
  • ToyTrainAdventure
  • TropicalHeat

If no control device is connected the game control is set to Autopilot. The computer steers the flying object by itself. In order to enable the patient to steer the object, this must be defined in the settings of each individual game.


In the upper bar of the InnerTube window you can select "Settings" and then "Game Settings".

The window shown to the left appears. Under "Control" the type of control can be selected (Autopilot, Keyboard or Joystick). Der add-on "Easy (No up/Down)" is the easiest version where the object flies in a horizontal tunnel and must be steered only to the left or right.


In the main menu of DDX, choose the field "Options". The window shown to the right then opens. 

The option "Computer steers car (play hands free)" is responsible for the control device. 
If this field is selected, then the car is steered by autopilot. If the field is not selected, then the player steers the car with the control device.

Toy Train Adventure

In the main menu you will find the field "Train Turning". It is set to Autopilot by default and can be changed to Keyboard/Joystick here.


This game is not only a racing game, it also has tricks and acrobatic elements that make the game more interesting. In this game the control device can be used either to steer the jetski and to perform tricks or to only perform tricks.

You can set these options in the menu "Options".

In the option "Choose Jet Ski Controls" you can choose between "Normal" and "Auto-Steer".
With "Normal", the patient steers the jetski and performs the tricks.
With "Auto-Steer" you can choose between fully automatical or autopilot with tricks controlled via the control device.

With "Normal" with control via control device it is as shown to the right:
The tricks all have their own names, for example: AirHop, Lean, Backflip or Superman.

In the setting "Auto Steer" you are asked to choose the setting "Full Automatic" or "Choose Tricks".
In "Full Automatic" the autopilot is activated for the steering and also for the tricks. The better the reward, the more precise the steering and the better the tricks are.

In "Choose Tricks" the control device is needed again. The various tricks can be selected via the different buttons. 



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