Engine Sound in InnerTube


The spaceships, butterflys and airplanes in InnerTube have an engine sound. This can be turned on and off and the volume can be changed (Quiet / Normal / Loud) in the menu "Game Settings".

In order to change engine sound please do the following:

  • 1. Start Cygnet
  • 2. Start InnerTube
  • 3. Choose a tunnel
  • 4. Move the mouse onto the InnerTube window, make a right click on the mouse. The menu "Game Settings" will open. 
  • 5. Here you can choose the sound level under the item "Engine Sound".

Sometimes patients do not like the engine sound. In these cases you can lower the volume of the engine sound or turn it off completely. Please just take into account that the engine sound is a feedback channel and that one of the feedback channels will be missing if you turn the engine sound off.



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