Online Protocol Guide ILF HD-module Edition (2017)

Online handbook including, amongst others, also the new ILF-HD module.

Can only be read online! Can not be downloaded or printed!
Can not be used with tablet pcs or mobile phones!

The Online Protocol Guide will not be redeemed!

Access to the editions 5 and up you will receive via the website of EEGInfo Inc. USA.
more information.

Language: English (currently only available in English)
Order no: OB20-M-HD-E

Language: German (currently not available, comming soon!)
Order no: OB20-M-HD-D

Price per language:
CHF  78,00 excl. VAT
EUR  75,00 excl. VAT

The EUR prices are valid for shipments within the EU Member States only.
For all other countries the CHF prices apply.

All prices excluding VAT at the currently applicable rate and excluding shipping costs.

How to view the Online Protocol Guide ILF-HD?

To view the Protocol Guide for the ILF-HD module online, you must:

  • have bought the Protocol Guide ILF-HD                                                                                                               older editions can not be updated to the newest (6th) edition ILF-HD and/or swaped
  • have received the relevant login information

In the Member Area you will find a link which guides you directly to those online versions of the Protocol Guide which you have purchased. You need to be logged in in your EEGInfo member account. Only for editions 1-4



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